Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor
GDS07 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Module

Signal Output :PWM  UART
Detection Principle:Infrared light scattering
Detection Range:0.3~10μm
Working Current:<20mA
Standby Current:<0.1mA
Storge Conditions:-20~80℃ , 0~95% RH

  • GDS07 Infrared PM2.5 Sensor Module Product Details


Infrared Particle Sensor module GDS07 By using the principle of optical radiation, the dust sensor products by thetransformation of the light path and circuit, measure the dust density in the range of themeasurement, can be directly application of single-chip microcomputer UARcommunication. Small size, high precision, low power consumption, wide measuringrange, short response time and quick application.


◆ Air-conditoning

◆ Air purifier

◆ Portable detector

◆ Other household electrical appliances

◆ Automotive air purificationFresh air systemIntelligent detector

◆ Fresh air system

◆ Intelligent detector

◆ In principle this product only applies to the above applications. When used for otherpurposes, users are required to authenticate themselves.

◆ Please far away from the high frequency high voltage placing signage at the product, inorder to avoid the interference caused by high frequency high voltage.

◆ No rule of the violent vibration will cause the product measurement error increases.

◆ Outside light will cause the measuring error of the products increases, so when installedon the equipment, should try to avoid the outside world of incoming light.

◆ This product inspection hole not plug or objects into larger particles, please install behindthe screen. Recommended filter size: 10-20 m um, thickness: 3-5mm.

◆ Installation should be in the vent of the air .

Sensor tips:

Air velocity: 1.5 ~ 3 m/S wind: 0.004 ~ 0.01 CMM

◆ When install it , please puts LUFTMY logo above;

◆ When the sensor is mounted, please hold at least the sensor. There is no morethan 5mm of space in front of the ventilation hole;

◆ It is suggested that the air filter cotton with 3 to 5 millimeters thickness shouldbe added to the ventilation hole near the inlet of the machine to prevent theaccumulation of large particles such as dust and wool chips;

◆ Please installed on the back light.