For over 25+ years, we have served the electronics industry for components and specially in sensors. Catered to various Industries such as Medical, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Consumer white goods, Robotics etc. according to customers application (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure,Thermal, Hall, Ultrasonic, UV, IR, Gas, RF, BLE, Flow etc),as distributor. We are ISO 9001 certified company, having TWO Patents applied in 2017 and granted in 2021& 2022 by Govt of India. Chatur Lights is a brand name for various sensors equipped LED products and aim for energy saving lights with simple, affordable solution.


Building management systems are most commonly implemented in large projects with extensive mechanical, HVAC, and electrical systems. Sensors with Software control by App


When both hands are carrying things, using a simple kick to trigger the sensor installed inside the bumper or the side skirts, the power liftgate and the sliding side doors can be opened automatically.

UAV Altimeter Radar

It is suitable in automatic obstacle avoidance for UAV autonomous flight and fixed-point cruise in all-weather, all-time and all-terrain. speed and angle information of up to 50 target

UAV Avoidance Radar

altimeter radar is featured with light weight, compact size, high sensitive, anti interference, easy to integration and a maximum accuracy of ± 0.02m, which can penetrate the fog, smoke, dust.


Radar Sensors to monitor the traffic on highways and accordingly manage the traffic lights and understand the pick hours . It can also detect the speed of car, direction etc.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an advanced way to light your home. Smart LED bulbs contain software that connects to an app, smart home assistant, or other smart accessory so you can automate your lights


Dust Sensor is a simple air monitoring module with onboard. It is capable of detecting fine particle larger than 0.8μm in diameter, even like the cigarette smoke. Analog voltage output of the sensor is linear with dust density.


Passive infrared (PIR) sensors use a pair of pyroelectric sensors to detect heat energy in the surrounding environment. These two sensors sit beside each other, and when the signal differential between the two sensors changes


Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a newly emerging field with its importance being studied and scientifically proving the biological effects of lighting on humans. All living beings have a biological clock.


Human presence detection is a range of technologies and methods[1] for detecting the presence of a human body in an area of interest (AOI), or verification that computer, smartphone (or other device controlled by software) is operated by human.


The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is the use of smart sensors and actuators to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. Also known as the industrial internet or Industry 4.0, IIoT uses the power of smart machines and real-time analytics to take advantage of the data.


hese outdoor lights are placed in your garden or yard and operate after the sun has set and switch off once it rises again in the morning. Hence the name dusk to dawn. These lights can be placed anywhere in and around your garden or driveway.Sensor On Led Pcb


Sensors are used extensively in consumer electronics for monitoring, measuring, data logging and control. Common sensors are pressure, proximity, motion, temperature, radio frequency (RF), ultrasonic, flow, level, acoustic, touch and optical